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Karimi & Associates Law Office was founded in 1963 and is considered one of the most experienced and accredited Law Office in Iran. Having expanded its service offerings during the years, Karimi and Associates team now serves as a full service law firm in Iran to meet the legal demands of local and foreign clients. Our legal team has been consistently recognized for the ability to ensure the best possible outcomes by providing legal advocacy and consultancy of the highest quality to the clients in all areas such as Corporate Law and Company Registration, Foreign Investment, Taxation, Intellectual Property, Banking and Islamic Finance, Litigation, Arbitration, International Commercial Contracts, Oil and Gas Law and Contracts, Insurance, Immigration Services, Labor Law, Environmental Law, etc. Equipped with specialized attorneys, we provide a-z legal services to clients from all over the world who wish to start up and develop their business in Iran or other countries. As a major leap towards expanding our global network, we have recently started collaborating with well-known legal firms all over the world such as Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, Armenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, China, South Korea and other countries.

- Corporate INTl Global Award 2019-2020
- Global Law Experts 2018

- Exclusive IR Global Member for Corporate Law in IRAN (2018-2021)
- Exclusive Advisory Excellence Member for Corporate Law in IRAN (2018)
- HG.org Legal Resources
- IRAN Bar Associations Union
- IRANIAN Central Bar Association
- TEHRAN Chamber of commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
- IRAN- ITALY Chamber of Commerce
- IRAN- AUSTRIA Chamber of Commerce
- IRAN- ARMENIA Chamber of Commerce

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Karimi & Associates Law Firm

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