Ali Kakaye Afshar

Ali Kakay Afshar is one of the senior advisors at Karimi & Associates Law Firm who earned his bachelor degree in law from University of Tehran’s Faculty of Law and Political Science in 1972 .He has been Judge at Civil court of Kordestan Province between 1985-1988,  Deputy Prosecutor & Magistrate/Recorder, 1979-1984, (Azerbaijan Province) Judge at Family Court (of Lorestan province 1977-1979) , Judge at First Instance Court of Lorestan province (1977-1979), Member of Board of Directors of Central Bar Association of Iran (2008-2010), (2010-2013), Supervisory member representing CBA board of directors on legal aid commission (2008-2010),Head of legal aid commission of Central Bar Association of Iran, 2004-2008 and Deputy Head of pro bono legal aid commission of Central Bar Association of Iran, 2002-2004.He is currently practicing law as attorney and legal advisor as a member of Central Bar Association of Iran.

Languages: English, Persian

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