Dr.Behshid Arfania, senior advisor at Karimi & Associates Law Firm, is a well known Iranian attorney, researcher and University professor. After earning her bachelor law degree from Faculty of Law of University of Tehran in 1968, she got her master degree in private law from University of Paris, Faculty of law in 1970 and her PhD in private law from form University of Paris in 1971.She has been a fulltime member as Assistant and Associate Professor of Faculty of Law of Shahid beheshti University (1972, 1988), Educational Vice President of Faculty of Law of shahid Behshti University (1974-1976) and has been a fulltime member as Associate Professor at Central Branch of Islamic Azad University, faculty of law since 1990.She has also practiced law as an attorney since her membership in Iranian Central Bar Association in 1979.In addition, has been a member of Board of Directors at Iranian Central Bar Association for four periods between 2005-2007,2007-2009,2011-2013 and 2015-2017.She has had numerous invaluable legal consultancy, educational and research activities that make her one of the most outstanding members of our firm.

Languages: French, English, Persian

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