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Human Capabilities:

Tehran University (doorway semblance)

Iran has 80 Public universities ,25 private universities as well as a lot of Research institutes.

Sharif University of Technology

The number of students has increased from 170,000 students in 1979 to 4,350,000 million.
About 700,000 students graduate from universities annually.
Total of Iranian students in universities are 4,400,000 that 1,920,000 of them are women.

Iranian students studying in 2390 universities (governmental and nongovernmental).
Iran has 1,600,000 engineering students studying in Iranian universities.

Graduated students (Sharif University of Technology)

About 14000 foreign students studying in Iran.
About 3,200,000 students studying in Iranian high school (governmental and nongovernmental).

A student in laboratory


The average salary in Iran is 7,900,000 Rials ($330)

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