Iran, Oman launch direct marine line

The marine line connecting Jask Port, in the southern Hormozgan province, to Suwayq Port, northern Oman, has become operational, a senior official at the Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade said.

Hhead of Hormozgan Industries, Mining and Trade Organization, said on Dec.12,2018 that the marine line connecting the two Persian Gulf littoral ports is now operational and is envisaged to help increase the economic interactions between the two countries.He Attached a great significance to the project in boosting the volume of trades and business with the Arab country, saying, plans are high on the agenda to upgrade the equipment in both ports to facilitate the commutes between Jask and Suwayq.The marine route would be of great help in exporting Hormozgan’s non-oil goods, particularly agricultural products, to Oman.Iran and Oman share a history of amicable ties in political and economic fields. Oman is among the top 10 destinations of Iran’s non-oil exports.Trades between the two countries during the first five months of the current fiscal through Aug. 22, stood at 1.36 million tons worth $659.80, registering a 53.71% and 126.6% growth in tonnage and value respectively compared with last year’s corresponding period.

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