judgement of icj issued on 13 February 2019 regarding certain iranian assest V usa

The court finds that it has jurisdiction to entertain part of the application of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the application is admissible.

According to summary of the judgment prepared by Press Release of ICJ, on 13 February 2019, No. 2019/3, part IV.Operative Clause, below decisions were made:

In its Judgment, which is final, without appeal and binding on the Parties, the Court (1) rejects, unanimously, the first preliminary objection to jurisdiction raised by the United States of America; (2) upholds, by eleven votes to four, the second preliminary objection to jurisdiction raised by the United States of America;(3) declares, by eleven votes to four, that the third preliminary objection to jurisdiction raised by the United States of America does not possess, in the circumstances of the case, an exclusively preliminary character; (4) rejects, unanimously, the preliminary objections to admissibility raised by the United States of America; (5) finds, unanimously, that it has jurisdiction, subject to points (2) and (3) above, to rule on the Application filed by the Islamic Republic of Iran on 14 June 2016, and that the said Application is admissible.

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