Iran INSTEX Branch Establishment

Iran INSTEX Branch notice of establishment released in 29 April gazette

Iran INSTEX Branch notice of establishment released in 29 April gazette as following: Company Name: Saz va Kar Vije Tejarat va Tamine Maliye Iran Va Europe Company type: Private joint Stuck Registration Number: 540240 National Number: 14008285716 Company subject: Doing all kind of business including to Export, Import, purchase, Sell, payment and clear services to natural persons and entities- internal and international banks-governmental organizations, opening bank account and letter of credit and etc., Company validity: Unlimited from Registration date. Capital: 1,000,000,000 Rials Board Members: 1- Mr. Ali Asghar Noury ( CEO) 2- REFAH KAREGARAN BANK (Represented by Mr. Frashid Farokh Nejad) 3- KESHAVARZI BANK (Represented by Ms. SHAHRZAD MONIRI) 4- PASARGAD BANK ((Represented by Mr. MOHAMAD REZA JAVADIAN HOSEINI) 5- KHADAMAT INFORMATIC FARADIS GOSTAR KISH (Represented by Mr. Hamid Ghanbari

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