Karimi & Associates participated as a member of Iranian Commercial Team in Foreign Commerce Economic Forum in Vienna

Karimi & Associates Law Firm took part as a member of Iranian Commercial Team in Iran- Austria economic forum which was held in Vienna on 3 October

Foreign Commerce Economic Forum was held as joint event of Iran -Austria Joint Chamber of Commerce, with presence of Iran –Austria Chamber of Commerce members including Karimi & Associates Law Firm and representatives of more than 160 small and medium sized companies in assembly hall number 2 of Central Building of Austria Federal Chamber of Commerce.

General Manager vice president of Forging Commerce Department of Austria Federal Chamber of Commerce started the forum as Initial part. He presented an introduction about Austria Federal Chamber of Commerce and pointed the membership of over 500 thousand companies in it and the fact of managing more than 100 thousand companies by Iran Chamber of Commerce and stated the importance of considering commercial and economic relations among Iran- Austria challenges as the aim of this event.

After that, representative of Austria Federal Digital Making and Commercial Affairs, presented a lecture concerning Commercial relationship reduction due of the sanctions and referred to INSTEX and Go-International program.

Dr. Pedram Soltani, head of Iran-Austria Joint Chamber of Commerce, made a clarification regarding old economic relationship between two countries, and emphasized on INSTEX role in private part.

Afterwards, Iranian chargé d'affaires made a statement regarding Iran Embassy consideration for economic and commercial teams such as providing information, services and provisions for them.

Secretary-General of Iran-Austria Joint Chamber of Commerce, Economic Counselor of Austrian Embassy in Tehran, Commercial Investing Agency in Iran, European Federal Commercial in charge of the information and services and Adrian Capital representative also gave speeches in this forum.

In final part of the forum, Mr. Karimi as Managing Partner of Karimi & Associates Law Firm together with other Iranian and Austrian parties (companies representative from two countries) had a B 2 B meeting and exchanged practical information.

On 4 October, a seminar concerning introduction to Austrian Organization Services was made for Iranian commercial team with presence of representatives from governmental administration and Austrian Federal Chamber together with first presence of Iranian private part representatives who took part in in this bilateral negotiation.

A visiting invitation from Iranian chargé d'affaires was made in residence department of Iran embassy, which is observed as analyzing opportunity of cooperation, connecting commercial team and Iranian residents in Austria.  



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