Chabahar Port is turning into regional trade hub

Thanks to its suitable geographical and economic status, with the ocean is turning into trade and transit hub in the region and will play the role of a multi-purpose port at international level.

The geographical location and the current atmosphere in Iran for developing Chabahar Port have made the Iranian port play a major role in national and international arenas.

It will cause development not only in Sistan and Baluchestan but also in the eastern and southeastern part of Iran and in some neighboring countries.

With the arrival of at least 100 ships since the opening of the first phase of Shahid Beheshti Port, Chabahar Port's role has changed and it is no longer a traditional port, but has become a multipurpose port by increasing the capacity for loading and unloading and finalizing the strategic equipment.

In addition to freight and trade wharves, Chabahar oil wharf will also become operational next year.

The railway is one of the most important issues in the Chabahar Project and about 30% of the traffic has been predicted on the rail.

Officials in ports and maritime organization have followed two important objectives, including the entrance of basic products and shipping lines the former has been successful and has imported a large volume of basic products in Chabahar Port.

The Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization Behrouz Aghaei told IRNA that in order to facilitate sea traffic, safeguarding ships and preserving resources is pursuing major aims in line with its legal and social responsibilities.


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