Tim Cook defended Apple during tense questioning in Epic trial


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Tim Cook has defended Apple during tense questioning in its trial against Epic Games, which could decide the future of the iPhone and App Store.

Mr. Cook gave hours of evidence and tried to argue that Apple’s current policies – including taking 30 percent of all digital purchases made through apps – should stay.

Epic wants the court to hand down a ruling that would require it to alter those policies, such as by allowing other kinds of purchase systems or even letting developers add their app stores to the iPhone in addition to Apple’s own.

Mr. Cook on Friday told the court that threats to iPhone security and privacy required tight control of the App Store, which Fortnite maker Epic says is a monopoly that Apple illegally abuses.

The testimony constitutes Cook’s most extensive public remarks on the App Store, which anchors Apple’s $53.8 billion services business, at a time when the company that once urged the world to ‘think different’ is criticized as too big and too powerful.

Epic has argued that the Mac is very safe without Apple’s App Store review and that most of the privacy and security benefits come from the operating system, not App Store rules.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Game two weeks ago kicked off the trial as Epic’s first witness, using his time on the stand to argue that “Fortnite” has become a place for players to gather in a virtual world he calls the “metaverse” and that Apple is unfairly demanding an outsized cut of profits for providing simple payment processing technology.

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