TikTok faces a privacy lawsuit in Netherlands

Karimi & Associates Law Firm presents according to The Jurist:

A non-profit Dutch foundation, Stichting Massaschade & Consument, sued TikTok, a famous social media app, alleging that TikTok has violated European privacy laws by “harvesting and auctioning sensitive user data.” The foundation claims a fixed amount of damage per user, varying from €1.250 - €1.750 depending on the user's age group.  

It has been argued by the foundation that TikTok profits off its users because its platform “hardly distinguishes between advertising and user-generated content.” The foundation's Chairperson, Lucia Melcherts, has stated that:

" It is not about what information you share with them, but how much time you spend watching the videos on the platform. Its algorithm keeps track of every second you watch, in order to present you with videos that keep you glued to the app for as long as possible, or lure you into virtual transactions. Not only young people but also (young) adults are sensitive to this. It exploits weak spots with minute precision. TikTok is not transparent about how personal recommendations are compiled, and it offers users hardly any possibilities to influence this."

In July, The Dutch Data Protection Authority imposed a fine of €750,000 on TikTok due to violation of the privacy of Dutch children.

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