Digital Services Act recommendations have been ratified by the EU Parliament legal affairs committee

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The European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) has ratified its recommendations on the Digital Services Act. This act mostly concerns user privacy and free online speeches.  

By this act, stricter regulations for online internet intermediaries and digital platforms will get imposed. The rules are intended to organize better protection for European digital services consumers and to establish transparency for online platforms. Various obligations for different online services have been imposed, including intermediary services, hosting services, online media, and large online platforms.

The committee has specifically considered the right to use and pay for digital services anonymously as part of the recommendations. Moreover, the committee also called for a ban on behavioral tracking and advertising. Further, according to the 14th article of the recommendations, deciding on whether a reported content should get removed or not has been subjected to a stricter time limit.

User privacy and rights regarding free speech online have been the main consideration of the committee. Proposed Article 8 would permit one member state to order the removal of content legally published in another state, but the public authorities will be given the right to order the reinstatement of legal content removed by platforms.


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