Apple is filling a notice of appeal regarding its antitrust case against Epic Games

Karimi & Associates Law Firm presents according to The New York Times:

Apple Inc. has recently asked a federal appeals court to legally reconsider a legal decision that would require the tech giant to ease its strict App Store rules and force Apple to allow app developers to inform customers of ways to pay for subscriptions and services outside the App Store.

The verdict in question followed a yearlong dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, a popular video game. Apple also asked a judge to delay the ruling mandating App Store changes until after the appeal is heard. Apple has argued that if it changes the App Store rules quickly “would upset the careful balance between developers and customers provided by the App Store, and would irreparably harm both Apple and consumers.” However, Apple has stated that it has already done some of what the issued verdict in this regard required apple by agreeing as part of a settlement in August to allow developers to use email and other methods to communicate with their customers about alternative payment methods.

Epic Games that was unhappy with the judge’s decision as well, appealed the verdict shortly after it was issued.

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