Russia fines Google again over banned content

Karimi & Associates Law Firm presents according to Deutsche Welle:

A Moscow court ordered Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., to pay a 2 million roubles ($28,085) fine due to not removing previously prohibited content. Russia has threatened to fine Google a percentage of its annual Russian turnover for repeatedly failing to delete banned content on its search engine and YouTube. The move comes as state officials seek to rein in tech giants.

According to the mentioned decision, the company has failed to remove content deemed illegal by the state. Google confirmed the fine but gave no additional comment.

Google has also paid more than 32 million roubles in previous fines due to Russian lawmaker's lawsuits. Google has faced similar threats for failing to remove banned content both on its search engine and on its video-sharing platform YouTube as well.

In 2021, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Google, and TikTok were fined by Russian courts for approximately 180 million rubles. The latter fine is also supposed to be a part of a larger crackdown on social media companies in Russia.


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