Google has been found infringed on Sonos patents by US International Trade Commission finds

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The US International Trade Commission (USITC) determined that Google infringed on audio patents held by Sonos, a domestic developer of audio products. The ruling could impact Google’s device imports, but the company has also already submitted redesigns of the controversial technology. Google later filed a countersuit against Sonos, claiming that Sonos was infringing on its patents.

The patents in question cover technology enabling features such as synchronous volume adjustment across multiple devices.

For the USITC to uphold the claim of infringement, Sonos had to prove that Google’s product was both technologically similar to the proprietary designs and that there had been significant investment by Sonos in those proprietary designs.

Finding both of these requirements satisfied, the USITC has ordered a halt to the importation of products containing those features and issued a cease and desist order against Google. The USITC also imposed a financial penalty against the company.

Sonos has said that Amazon is also violating its patents — a charge that Amazon denies. Sonos executives have said it pursued legal action against only Google because it did not know if it could sue two tech giants at the same time.

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